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Требует включенный JavaScript, поддерживает: Приватные сообщения Пересылка файлов и фотографий Публичные и приватные группы и каналы Поддерживает OTR off the record - "секретные сообщения" шифруются прямо в браузере. Вопросы - Ответы. Возможность создавать псевдонимы. Может слать письма как в TOR, так и в клирнет.

Переполнена багами!. Связь доступна только внутри сервера RuTor. Проект создан при поддержке форума RuTor. Зеркало сайта brchan. Населен русскоязычным аноном после продажи сосача мэйлру. Сохраненные треды с сайтов 2ch. Зеркало arhivach. Аналог Reddit. Быстрый и удобный. Есть сервис приватных записок. Передавай доступ к Галерее своим знакомым при помощи приватных ссылок. Ты можешь поставить пароль на свою приватную Галерею.

Там вы найдете информацию по безопасности в сети и в жизни, синтезы различных веществ и гроувинг. Относительно стабилен. Есть разные тарифы и кастомные домены onion. Уверяет, что всё энкриптит и не ведёт логи. Имеется возможность прикрепления файлов до 3 мб. Не работает без JavaScript. Сервис от Rutor. Без JavaScript. Не требует яваскрипт. Есть возможность шифрования, комментирования записок и тд.

Онлайн 22 crdclub4wraumez4. Есть много полезного материала для новичков. Зарубежный форум соответствующей тематики. Отлично подойдет как для новичков, так и для профи. Теневые товары и услуги от лучших продавцов. This is quoted from a Cloudflare post, but is it true?

Tor uses hashes generated with the weak SHA-1 algorithm to generate. This creates a significant security risk if you automatically generate SSL certificates. An attacker could generate a site that collides with the bit. For an http site there should be 3 layers of encryption, for https 4, right? How many for a. The design of the Tor browser intentionally makes building a reputation for an individual browser very difficult.

The promise of Tor is anonymity. Tor Browser aims to protect from supercookies first-party isolation , but Cloudflare can use regular cookies for this purpose because he can inject arbitrary content into sites he proxies. Example: User visits www. If Cloudflare did this, he could track you across all domains he proxies until you restart browser or request new identity.

No need of supercookie. Thanks, did not know that. We should all use "New Identity" a lot more. Hence the importance of not burying that deep in the triple bars menu. I wish Tor Project tried much harder to explain points like this, so that users know how to use Tor more safely. Expecting users to be disciplined in using New Identity is failure prone. I think Tor Browser should automatically purge cookies and other state keyed to first-party domain when all tabs with that first-party domain are closed or navigated away from.

Doing this for all state requires a lot of work, but cookies and localStorage is simple and gets you most of the way there. Cookie AutoDelete extension is an example for this. It will alter your fingerprint. There are theoretical attacks to survalance users. Sounds about right but only for v2 addresses. This is one of the reasons why v3 onion services exist. This is true for old v2. Why is there no seperate network for onion services? If by separate network you mean a distinct set of Tor nodes, maybe even distinct Directory Authorities and distinct software A second key point is that onions appear to be potentially inherently safer than https from the cybersecurity standpoint, quite independently of privacy concerns or desire for anonymity.

This is because regular DNS lookup is inherently unsafe, and https cannot avoid such lookups. Using Tor to surf to onion mirrors of news sites say at least makes it harder to mess with a particular target that way. It is known that agencies such as GCHQ and FBI use fake news stories and state-sponsored fake news sites which look just like the real BBC News site, for example to punt Regin style malware to individual targets, such as persons "suspected" wrongly in at least some cases of being "associated" with Wikileaks for example.

The internet keeps getting more and more dangerous, as more and more governments, corporations, private individuals adopt more and more sophisticated persistent threat malware and more and more devious infection vectors, including "spraying" large populations with infection attempts. See for example the books by Bruce Schneier. Or that "Tor is only used by sexual predators" [sic], a particularly dangerous counterfactual claim in light of the fact that victims rights groups use Tor to protect victims of domestic abuse, etc, that human rights groups use Tor to protect their in-country reporters, etc.

But the correct response is not to advise ordinary people to avoid using onions, but to patiently explain to anyone willing to hear us out how using for example the Debian repository onion mirrors can help keep bad guys from messing with your software updates, and how using onion mirrors for human rights sites and news sites can help protect you from some ugly state-sponsored attacks.

This is really no different from pointing out that using Tor Browser without trying to surf to onion sites can help protect you from many cross-site scripting attacks especially if you disable Javascript by using the "Safest" setting , because Tor Browser is bundled with Noscript protections. The issue discovered by Alec Muffett is serious and I would like to understand better how it affects Secure Drop sites, OnionShare, etc.

Indeed, I feel that essentially all web sites should be made into onions. Given the anti-privacy user-exploitation model of the internet which became dominant thanks to companies like Google in the early years of the beyond-academic World Wide Web, this will require discovering and overcoming many, many thorny issues. Http2 makes onions browsing faster. HTTPS is required for use of Http2 and so onions with https certificate can get much better performance for both latency and througput.

That said, yes, if one had an certificate for the. Good, secure by design. On each deployment - each user gets a Tor v3 address. We thought it a good idea for a while and a number of reasons. That leads to a question - can Tor Project place an onion on each users machine? To grow the onion garden - so to speak? Or is it just SecureDrop? They might not propagate it via the onion-location header which allows you to easily use the onion service available.

Maintaining a browser like Tor Browser has its challenges but also its rewards. It allows us to reach faster adoption of important technologies like onion services, providing a more secure browsing experience for all Tor users. Improving the treatment of onion services on the browser side, however, comes with its own challenges both for users and service providers and it is important to reflect on those as a requirement for future growth.

Thus, we feel it is time to take stock in this blog post and outline the steps we have taken over the years to improve the user experience and adoption of onion services, the challenges we faced and continue to face, and what the future might look like. Onions services are self-authenticating and provide integrity and confidentiality by default. That means once you are connected to an onion service you can be sure you are talking to the one you tried to reach and your data is not manipulated or read by Man-In-The-Middle-attackers.

As a result, the idea of handling connections with onion services as inherently "secure" was proposed because these new browser security indicators directly harmed the usability of onion sites, like those hosted by SecureDrop and Riseup. With the immediate usability problem, we found a solution that was acceptable by Mozilla for inclusion in Firefox, as well.

The solution elevated connections with. As a result of handling a n. Over the last two years, based on these previous changes, onion service usability has become a primary feature of Tor Browser, and the security and improved usability of onion services are the reason we can run an onion service adoption campaign like MoreOnionsPorfavor. The features mentioned in the previous section meant a lot of effort for our small team of engineers and designers. Staying on track and delivering them on time has been challenging sometimes.

Additionally, we did not have the resources so far to port all of them to mobile. But we keep iterating so that all Tor users are able to benefit from the enhanced security provided by onion services when browsing the web. All those engineering efforts depend on good communication between stakeholders to be effective and lasting. That does not only mean between the different teams within Tor to get the various improvements implemented but external stakeholders as well. Support by browser vendors is crucial, which is why we spent effort on making our changes specification-compliant and getting them upstreamed into Firefox.

Mozilla is now even proactively taking the. And other browser vendors have our onion services enhancements in their pipeline as well. We neglected another stakeholder group, though: companies like Facebook, the New York Times, Guardian, BBC and others which started to run onion services in an enterprise environment.

The complexities of those environments and the lack of communication in this area led to potential security issues like the one core contributor Alec Muffett recently reported. As a consequence of that we just started to reach out to enterprises we know are running onion services and provide them with help for running those onion services securely. We have a group, called "onion-advisors," where all of those efforts are coordinated to avoid making this mistake again in the future.

We are going to continue supporting onion services in Tor Browser , both with and without certificates acquired by the onion service owner, and are continuing the trend of enhancing their usability as well.

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Browser Tor, with the problems that appeared with the espionage plot that continues to speak so much; Although many were the users who began to make use of this network to try to evade privacy problems. And is that this network has not only allowed the creation of a large number of forums and black markets, which mainly sell data stolen from users, not to mention the forums where we talk about the development of certain malware to affect users.

In addition to these two aspects, Tor has begun to be used to carry communications of malicious programs that affect users and thus collect the stolen information. The hidden wiki is an encyclopedia like Wikipedia, which is in the deep web, is one of the most complete guides to access the pages with onion links.

Do you really want to enter? Warning: the content of this publication is merely informative, you are solely responsible for what you do with that information. Anna needs your help, she is still in danger, she could be in a very disturbing place listen well to the song, you can have a solution to help her, but if you make a mistake.

Aside from speed, privacy was a big concern to me — I often travel to countries like the US where the government could investigate you for using the dark web. It uses the same level of encryption as US military intelligence and an automatic kill switch to keep your activities private even if your connection drops. It also uses TrustedServer technology to erase any trace of your data every time a server reboots.

ExpressVPN has also proven that it abides by its strict no-logs policy. Almost all VPNs claim to have a no-logging policy — but many services actually sell records of your online history, IP address, and other data.

This shows how serious ExpressVPN is about your privacy. In addition to TrustedServer technology and a strict no-logs policy, ExpressVPN also uses military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch. If prying eyes try to view your online activities, your information will be nearly impossible to decode. The only slight downside is that ExpressVPN is a bit pricier than other services. But considering that it offers strong security and maintains fast speeds even on. I tried it myself and it only took 4 days to get my money back, no questions asked.

January Update! See more information on this offer here. This is the only VPN on this list with this unique feature. I liked this option because it was more convenient to use my usual browser to search the dark web. I simply connected to an Onion over VPN server and all my online traffic was sent through the Tor network. Malware and cybersecurity attacks are serious security threats on the dark web. Due to lack of regulation, these dangers are more common on.

I was really worried about these dangers, so I wanted a VPN that would keep me safe. In my testing, I was impressed that NordVPN has some of the strongest security features available to keep you safe on the dark web. Its CyberSec ad and malware blocker prevent you from even entering websites with harmful content. Since seemingly normal. I discovered that NordVPN hired world-class cybersecurity experts to audit its security features and later published the testing results.

They helped me process my refund within 6 business days. Try NordVPN free for 30 days. Hurry and check out the deal here! Aside from industry-standard security features like bit encryption and a kill switch, CyberGhost also offers NoSpy servers for extra privacy. These servers are based in Romania, which is a privacy-friendly nation. I was also surprised to find that CyberGhost owns and operates its entire server network, allowing it to closely monitor its network for security breaches.

This combination of protections reassured me that prying eyes would never be able to track the papers I downloaded from Sci-Hub. In my testing, I was relieved to find that CyberGhost also offers built-in protections against ads and malware to protect you against malicious websites. It took about seconds to load most pages, which I considered to be tolerable.

However, these slower speeds might be a serious issue if you plan to torrent large files from Library Genesis, Sci-Hub, or another. Although the other VPNs on this list offer a standard day money-back guarantee, I was excited that you can try CyberGhost for 45 days at no risk to you. This is the longest refund period of all the VPNs in this article. Try CyberGhost free for 30 days. Holiday Sale! No — I would never recommend using a free VPN to access.

While there are a few good free VPN services for the surface web , you need the best technology to stay safe on the dark web. They may use outdated encryption standards or leak protection. Other services intentionally log your data and sell it to unverified third parties to make money. A few providers even participate in cybercrime by installing malware on your device or stealing your bandwidth. I recommend you use a quality service like ExpressVPN that has been proven to protect you.

This will let you access. During testing, I got my money returned in 4 days. Use ExpressVPN free for 30 days. The dark web can be very risky to use — unless you protect yourself with the right technology. Using a VPN is the best way to stay safe on. That could be enough to get you red-flagged. Aside from unwanted surveillance, the lack of regulation on the dark web means that viruses, fraud, scams, and cybercrimes are common on.

Even websites that seem reputable can host malware that can infect your devices and expose you to hackers. To stay safe from prying eyes and cybercriminals on. Stay secure with ExpressVPN. Before you even launch your Tor browser, connect to a top-tier VPN with tough security features. This will protect you from surveillance, hackers, and other risks. You can also follow these tips to protect yourself on the dark web:. It is legal to access the dark web , but illegal activities may take place there.

If you interact with material like this and law enforcement finds out, claiming ignorance might not be a strong enough defense to keep you out of trouble. Cybercrimes are also common on the dark web. Hackers may use them to steal your credentials, financial information, and identity. They could even take control of your webcam to spy on you. The prevalence of illegal activity is why authorities may investigate you for simply accessing the Tor network. The dark web has a ton of online libraries available — but take safety precautions before you download anything from an.

I highly recommend that you use one of the reputable VPNs on this list when accessing these pages to maximize your security. The best way to explore. Looking for. These search engines work similarly to Google, but instead of indexing websites on the surface web they gather Tor websites.

To avoid danger, you should always research. Even with all these safety measures, many links could still lead to websites that are illegal or host malware. There are lots of cryptocurrencies you can use on the dark web — but make sure to take steps to protect yourself before you even think about making a purchase.

Bitcoin is still the most popular form of payment used on the dark web. The dark web provides many opportunities for accessing research for free, enjoying freedom of speech, and conducting activism anonymously online. However, it does have its dangers. With the right VPN, you can visit.

I recommend you use ExpressVPN to access. You can also take advantage of its day money-back guarantee to use it for free. Try ExpressVPN free for 30 days today! WizCase is an independent review site. We are reader-supported so we may receive a commission when you buy through links on our site. You do not pay extra for anything you buy on our site — our commission comes directly from the product owner. Support WizCase to help us guarantee honest and unbiased advice.

Share our site to support us! Best VPNs for. Follow our experts. Top 5 VPNs. ProtonMail — A secure email service that keeps you totally anonymous. DuckDuckGo — A search engine that indexes. Library Genesis — A huge collection of free books, literature, and comics. Sci-Hub — A database that lets you access millions of scientific research papers for free. The Intercept — An online publication that brings you the latest in fearless, unfiltered news and welcomes tips from whistleblowers.

ProPublica — A thought-provoking platform that publishes pieces on a wide range of topics like politics, finance, and the environment. Wasabi Wallet — A virtual Bitcoin wallet that lets you manage your cryptocurrency anonymously. Secure Drop — A non-traceable platform for whistleblowers to send information to media outlets.

Torch Search Engine — The oldest search engine on the Tor network, it has access to the largest database of. Get a VPN with tough security. I recommend you try ExpressVPN because it has fast speeds and military-grade encryption to keep you safe on the dark web. Connect to a server. Afterwards, you can download the Tor browser without anyone even noticing.

Start browsing. Fast servers and unlimited bandwidth for great loading and downloading speeds on the dark web Military-grade AES bit encryption and CyberSec malware and ad blocker technology Automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection to keep your data private Independently audited no-logs policy to keep your activities hidden Accepts some cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments.

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Расскажу как из любого браузера сделать Tor Browser, с возможностью открывать onion. Это как бесплатный VPN, но который вас не сдаст. Обязательно настройте СКРЫТЫЕ ПАРАМЕТРЫ в Tor Browser, т. к. данный интернет-обозреватель с точки зрения безопасности слабо настроен. В зависимости от уровня развития вашей паранойи выберите в настройках Тор браузера соответствующий режим безопасности для серфинга сайтов. Активируйте расширения HTTPS Everywhere и NoScript, однако ни при каких обстоятельствах или же предлогах не вздумайте их отключать.  Candle — поисковик, предназначенный для поиска onion-сайтов в теневой сети Tor. К сожалению, от других поисковых систем он ничем не отличается, но при этом ничем не уступает. В tor darknet он используется, потому что показывает онион сайты. Тогда, как обычные поисковые системы нет делают этого. Доступен на русском языке.  Mail2Tor является хорошей альтернативой стандартным почтовым клиентам, поскольку он позволяет пользователям отправлять и получать сообщения анонимно через веб-почту или почтовый клиент. Более того, вся почта защищена с помощью шифрования, и провайдер также не хранит ваш IP-адрес. Ссылка на Mail2Tor: hydra-project.ru Riseup. Riseup предоставляет услуги электронной почты и чата, которые не ведут никаких записей о вашей активности.